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Our Facility


State of the Art

We offer a state-of-the-art child care facility and age-appropriate equipment that is child friendly, learning conducive, and specifically designed for preschool aged children. 


Safe & Secure

As a very safe child care center, Bright Ideas Enrichment Center (previously Lighthouse Learning Academy) has gone above and beyond to ensure that your child will be secure when in our care. For added security, the entrance into the classroom areas is password/fingerprint-protected to ensure that only authorized parents/guardians and staff members gain access into our school for child drop off and pick up.


In addition, security cameras are positioned throughout the child care center and are broadcast into our centralized viewing area within the lobby for administration monitoring and for parents to see their children interact within the classroom.  You can be assured that your child’s safety is a priority at Bright Ideas Enrichment Center.

Preschool playground (29).jpg
Preschool playground (19).jpg
Toddler playground (11).jpg
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