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Preschool Classes

Our preschool program will begin to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond! Each classroom is set up and equipped with appropriate furniture, toys and educational materials. Your child will learn to share, take turns and follow directions: skills that will translate to a successful school career. Preschoolers are ready to expand their horizons and achievements, to seek out information, explore new territory and make sense of all they encounter. Teachers can be found encouraging children to learn, bolstering children's self image, exploring children's interests, marveling in children's creativity, offering a child-centered classroom, and respecting children and their work. 


The Creative Curriculum® for Early Childhood will be used in all Preschool Classrooms. Our unique learning environment will help children develop emotionally, socially, and physically, while also enhancing their self-confidence that will prepare them for Kindergarten.

Fantasy Falls Class 

2 ½ - 3 years old

This room is full of happy, energetic, silly and loving two and a half and three year olds. We love learning, playing, singing, dancing, reading stories, and telling stories. We also form great bonds and relationships with our friends and teachers. The Fantasy Falls room is organized with many different areas which allow the children to learn and explore, play, and learn. We also enjoy being creative during art time and have a blast during sensory activities. Our work is sometimes messy but it is ALWAYS FUN!

Adventure River & Discovery Bay Classes

3-4 years old

These rooms are organized with many different areas which allow the children to explore, play, and learn. Generally, most of our structured preschool activities are scheduled in the morning with most of the open ended learning activities in the afternoon. A more detailed daily routine is posted in the classroom.
Through the Creative Curriculum, our schedule covers the developmental domains for young learners such as literacy, math, science, creative arts, sensory, dramatic play, music/movement, social interactions, independence and small/large motor skills development.


Exploration Ocean & Imagination Island Classes

4-5 years old

These classrooms are buzzing with excitement! This is a time for friendships to blossom. Academics are incorporated into the learning centers for children to apply and expand their learning. Learning Centers are designated to a specific type of play (dramatic play, block, sensory, science, art, music, etc.). With the Creative Curriculum, our classes are linked to an assessment system so that teachers can use the information from assessment to plan and guide instruction. Verbal communication works best in these classrooms. If this does not work for you, feel free to call with questions, concerns, or progress updates on your child.

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