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Toddler Classes

Happy Harbor, Laughter Lagoon, Giggle Gulf

and Creative Cove

12 months to 36 months


The toddler classrooms will provide many opportunities for your child’s developmental growth. A daily routine will be introduced as the children are eased into a single nap time and learn to sleep on cots. They will begin developing their independent skills such as learning to use a cup, eating with utensils, and practicing table manners. The classrooms are busy and full of energy. The toddlers are just beginning to desire independence and yet at any moment may change their minds and want to cuddle and be little again. We truly enjoy our work and we are looking forward to getting to know you and watching your child grow.

Activities will include short circle times, lots of dancing to the rhythms of music, reciting finger plays and rhymes, sensory activities, imaginative play, puzzles, drawing with crayons, and American Sign Language. 

We use The Creative Curriculum® for Infants and Toddlers which provides a comprehensive framework that emphasizes that relationships between caregivers/teachers and children and their families form the basis of curriculum for very young children. Classrooms are arranged in learning centers allowing the children to explore areas that are of interest to them.

In addition, the children will begin to gain an understanding of social interactions and expressing their own emotional needs. The children will go outside, weather permitting, to enjoy nature and recreational activities.
Good communication is very important and we will do our best to keep you informed about your child’s day. A daily sheet will keep you updated about your child’s daily activities, health, appetite, diapering, and it will let you know when your child’s supplies are running low. There is a weekly lesson plan that is posted in each classroom.

Toddlers and two-year olds thrive when they are in a loving and supportive environment that allows them to explore and discover under the careful supervision and direction of teachers who encourage and cherish the child's accomplishments.

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