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Infant Class

Baby Bay

6 weeks to 15 months

Our loving and nurturing infant teachers will take time to understand your child's unique schedule to ensure that their physical and emotional needs will be consistently and affectionately met. We believe it is important to work closely with parents as partners. In this way we can complement your efforts at home and can become a supportive and positive extension of your family while your child is in our care.


The atmosphere we provide is surrounded with many stimulating objects and opportunities to explore and grow in a truly nurturing environment. We have a scheduled program for interactive play, singing, learning to relate to classmates, exploring their environment, rest times, naps, diapering, feeding, washing, and comforting. The schedule provides the infant with a sense of security and order in their daily lives. The schedule is flexible and will be adjusted to your infant's needs. You will receive daily communication from you child's teacher to understand every aspect of your child's day.

Infants typically set their own routine. They tell us when they are hungry or sleepy. In fact you probably have it down to a science! That’s why we ask you for all that good information! How much do they eat? How often? What are their naps like? We record all diaper changes, meals, naps and activities on a sheet that will go home with you when you arrive at pick-up.

We strive to make each and every child feel loved and nurtured. Each child will know that they are an important part of our group. We give each child individual attention. We give lots of positive attention when we are changing diapers and feeding. We also teach children how to play independently and with their classmates. Every child has free time to choose what they want to play with, move around, and mingle with their classmates. We incorporate American Sign Language into our daily routine. We use “more” and “please” often when we are at the table. If you would like us to show you some “signs”, just let us know.

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